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Why dTechs

dTechs enables electric utilities to monitor their entire distribution grid, allowing for the detection, monitoring and preventing of energy losses, whether they are the result of technical loss (i.e. poor infrastructure) or non-technical loss (i.e. theft and/or fraud).


The dTechs epmSuite is the first electrical grid integrity solution that identifies real-time usage anomalies by measuring power consumption from the primary/tap (medium voltage) line. Usage information can be reconciled with billing information or data received from smart meters, enabling utilities to have a complete view of their grid integrity and power usage. Further benefits include immediate ‘no current’ outage notification.

In traditional Utility infrastructures the main electrical substations are the last locations where the Utility monitors electricity into the distribution grid. Overhead and underground transmission lines follow a vast network until they reach the customers meter. Now, for the first time Utilities can leverage dTechs Monitoring technology to look for inefficiencies, line loss, and theft of power within their own grid. Theft of electricity entails bypassing the electrical lines prior to the residential meter. The innovative tamper proof placement of the dTechs Meter into the grid allows for full grid monitoring of an average of 80 to 100 customers per dTechs meter. This placement allows for substantial cost reductions compared to some proposed transformer metering initiatives.

Some Utilities are looking at transformer metering to assist in theft detection as it was realized that Smart Meters would not detect electrical bypasses and it was believed that transformer metering was the only solution to stop electrical theft. The dTechs Meter Suite can now accomplish the same level of amperage resolution as metering at the transformers, at a fraction of the cost.

dTechs is currently working with several international Utilities where a full Smart Grid Implementation is cost prohibitive. We have been described as ‘Smart Grid Lite’. With the dTechs system Utilities will be able to monitor their ‘Actual Use’ and be able to compare this use with their traditional “Billed Use’ and precisely identify losses within these areas.

Every jurisdiction in the world should strive to implement a Smart Grid, but at a reasonable cost with proven technology. There is a strong demand and need for Utilities to become more efficient, but at the same time be fiscally responsible with the rate payer’s funds.


Electrical Profile Management

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